Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The best thing I saw today was this construction worker fixing this little kid's bike. Here was Mister, in his hard hat with the little tyke's bicycle turned over and fidgeting with the chain. Maybe he knew the kiddo, but I'd like to think that he didn't, and I had just stepped into a Richard Scarry world, straight out of Busytown where the construction bear man helps the little fox boy with his bike. Then they walk hand in hand to the candy store but not before running into the nice cat lady in her polka dot dress who sells flowers and wave at the postman dog on his daily route.

I wished I had a secret spy camera to capture such a tear-jerk moment. Wait, I do!

I finally got my grubby paws on this little camera, the Ikimono 110. This little camera looks like a toy, but it works. "Ikimono" means little creature in Japanese. I still can't get over how very ridiculously cute it is. It sits there in my hand just like an obedient squirrel would!

Sadly though, I did not have the camera on me, and I failed to capture that Richard Scarry moment. Dang.

However, this has made me simultaneously gag and laugh out loud:
Cheeseburger in a Can!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy Bee

A whole new whack of projects...Apologies for the crappy photos, but I'm currently rollin' sans digital cam.

Sadiya wanted a Batman garter belt for her wedding. I even made the button!

The first of the food zine. You can't tell, but it's called The Food Off.

Not a project, but I did pick up this boss camera at an antique store today. Now I just have to find the oh-so-difficult-to-find film...