Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holy shit. It's been too long since I've updated, but here goes. Summer was glorious. After finishing school I stayed in Halifax and spent the summer being broke but also biking around and swimming in lakes. I also got a nice group of friends going so Halifax has been wonderful.

Alas, the call of earning money finally beckoned, and here I am back in Toronto. It's been about five days since I rolled into this city, and I must admit, I'm settling in quite nicely. My room is mostly furnished thanks to all the scavenging and going through other people's trash and finding milk crates. Thanks Nick for helping me haul up that desk!

But the biggest, happiest, shiniest news was that I got to meet Sook-Yin Lee, who has been a hero of mine ever since I started watching TV. And I got a little sound bite on her next DNTO show on crowds, so I'm pretty stoked.

Toronto...this city keeps on surprising me. I was pretty hesitant to move back and for the first day or two, I absolutely hated it. Loathed its smell, it's air quality, the bitchy people, the crowdedness, but TO's showing me some love. A couple set backs. One step back, two steps forwards kind of thing. Now all I need is a job I like.

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