Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's Dance

Ok, sometimes when I'm at work, I'll look up videos on YouTube (who doesn't, right?)

Anyway, I came across this little gem.

I'm a suckah for breakdancing anything. I've even started watching America's Next Best Dance Crew
and it wasn't because I was curious to see where A.C. Slater ended up. Admittedly JC Chasez, the Justin of N'Sync that didn't make it, seems like a pretty nice guy. He's always giving constructive criticism and quick to point out the positive aspects of a crew. And Lil' Mama with her sweet Brooklyn accent is definitely one of my favourites of the show. But I digress...

bgirldeedee, aka Lilach, does some pretty dope moves with her flexible phalanges, popping and locking, doing the moonwalk, fancy footwork and other moves. They look complicated even in hand form, so props to her for her choreography.

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