Sunday, April 12, 2009

Give me my damn eggs...

I should really mention the following things each time I visit a new hairdresser:

1) Do not make me look like an ass.

2) I do not style, use product or blow dry my hair so please do not spend more time styling my hair at the end than on the actual cut itself. The cut is king. I am a lazy hair person. I do not even own a blow dryer.

3) Just because I give you a photo of the kind of cut I want doesn't mean you have to do everything in your power to make my hair look like that. As soon as I step outside that door, the wind is going to flip and toss all your hard work into one frustrating knot, making me look like a chump.

4) Do not make me look like an ass.

Apparently my latest hairdresser did not listen to points 1 and 4.

I haven't successfully found a good hairdresser since leaving Edmonton. Not only did I find one, but two, count 'em TWO! really, really stellar stylists in E-town. Surely, Toronto could step up its game and present a worthy contender. I would think T-Dot would have at least one stylist who is both friendly and able to give me a cut that doesn't make me weep. I mean, really! I've tried recommendations, I've tried cheap stylists, expensive salons both here and in Halifax. Most cuts have either left me running out of the salon screaming and fighting the urge to cry or made me look in the mirror and go "meh" or "I should have just put a salad bowl on my head and cut it myself."

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. I gots no luck with the hairdressers.

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