Friday, March 26, 2010

Exactly what I needed...

I stumbled upon this great blog, 1000 Awesome Things by Neil Pasricha, right at the height of a craptastic week. The concept is simple: list 1,000 awesome things. Anything from fat baseball players to flossing (I love flossing) to the first shower you take after not taking a shower for a long time.

Pasricha's book version is coming out in April 2010, so look out for it.

A random list of some of my own 1,000 awesome things:

-Sleeping in you own bed after being away for a while
-Crushing garlic
-Riding at 6 am and hitting all green lights
-Coming up with a story idea
-When cute strangers smile at you
-Chair dancing at your cubicle
-Dancing while doing the dishes in your underwear
-The moment caffeine hits you
-Nervous interactions with a crush
-Buying people coffee
-Dinner parties
-Just ripe cantaloupe
-Getting film photos back from the shop
-Watering plants
-Taking vitamins
-Booking a plane ticket
-Learning German
-People with crappy taste who think they have fantastic taste
-Wearing the hood up in a hoodie

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