Saturday, March 27, 2010

More good things!

Continuing with my list of goodies, I'd like to add:

Finding a good coffee shop in your neighbourhood

Sonic is a stone's throw from my doorstep, and I'm pretty stoked about that.

The coffee is good, the staff is friendly, there's even a bike affixed atop of the door, but what caught my eye, was the bike pump hanging by the door. A grand idea! Even better is the fact that they'll have bike tools on hand in the spring so you can fix your bike AND enjoy a good cup of java. The cafe opened in December 2009, is located on Cecil just off of Spadina and is still a bit of a hidden gem, which I'm okay with. I'm sure come spring when cyclists are out in full force and you see a fine mechanic fixing up bikes out front, it'll become the coolest kid on the block.

(Not the best quality shot in the world, but what can you do with a BlackBerry camera? I mean, really...)

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