Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get it together

"Only good girls get into trouble. Bad girls know how to take care of themselves."

That was THE best thing I heard yesterday. Last night Jamie's Area held a symposium on dating. The five speakers got down to the brass tacks of dating.

Local writer Chandler Levack interviewed her grandma Gemma Fischer on how dating has changed. Granted, some values have morphed over the decades, I think people still ultimately want the same thing: To love and be loved. It's human nature, and though we may have certain liberties in this day and age, the price we pay is a more complicated way of dating.

I was already feeling pretty emotional that day, and some of the bittersweet things Fischer said made me want to ball my eyes out. She talked about how people are too choosy sometimes, but one cannot keep looking forever for Mr/Ms Right. Maybe people are too greedy and want to "play the field" but that's also where complications arise. Fischer had everyone in the place paying attention at one point. You could hear a pin drop when she told the audience about her husband and how he spent a lot of time in Quebec, and how she, as a woman, knew not to ask too many questions. She also spoke about compromise and how women usually compromise more in a relationship. She pointed out that no one is perfect, and at some point you just have to accept it. Not settle per se, but quit looking for perfection. And I almost lost my shit when she talked about finding love and not letting it go because true, true love only happens a few times in a person's life. If you're lucky. So if you find it, don't lose it. Simple words, but often a complicated and hurtful process, no? It was so interesting listening to her speak because some of the things she said seemed outdated, but if you really thought about it, it's still relevant today for most people in some capacity.

Chris Dupuis provided a queer perspective and talked about his experiences being a slut. In his dry yet humourous manner, he through a top 10 list of his more memorable amorous encounters.

Emma Healey gave us the high school perspective and laid down three rules that should be made legal when it comes to dating. Number 1 was making Ikea the must-go-to place for a first date. I can't imagine that girl having any troubles getting a date with her witty personality. She can't be as awkward as she claims to be!

Kathleen Phillips performed one of my favourite pieces of the night. She wrote a hilarious character sketch about Charlotte, the Harlot, who loved everyone she had been with.

Aaron Kopff's talk was probably the most uncomfortable of all. He was a bit all over the place as his story had numerous offshoots, and it was hard to follow at times. But everyone collectively cringed and recoiled as he recounted the story of the time he shit his pants and had to call his ex to bring him a new pair. He ended his talk with an Annie Hall reference about how dating and love is a battlefield. Sure it's easier and less painful to not date---there wouldn't be as many casualties---but we just can't help ourselves.

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