Sunday, February 21, 2010


I stumbled upon this amazing little gem when I was in Montreal last week. Bikurious Montreal is a rad bike shop and space on Rue Amherst. Its aim is to provide a safe and comfortable space where people can come in and learn about bicycles as well as other cool initiatives. Not only that, the website is a great resource for good places to support in Montreal and upcoming events.

What struck me immediately about Bikurious was how friendly and welcoming it was. I sometimes find bike culture pretty exclusive and intimidating, so it's nice to feel comfortable asking questions in a space that won't make you feel like an idiot for asking.

There are a couple places in Toronto (Bike Pirates and Community Bicycle Network) where you can go to learn to fix up/care for your bicycle, but they don't have that same cozy feeling Bikurious gives off.

Bikurious should just open a Toronto chapter. By my house...

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LucianaG said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm writing a business profile on bikurious and I wanted to quote you on your comments. Would you mind giving me your last name via email so that I can attribute the quote properly? Also, if you can tell me where you're from, and how you came across bikurious it would be very much appreciated. Here is my email address:
Thanks! Luciana.