Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am over TCAFfeinated! The Toronto Comic Arts Festival was this weekend at the Toronto Reference Library, and it was fun, fun, fun! I volunteered at the Broken Pencil table and got to people-watch and drool over all the amazing artwork and talent there. TCAF is one of the best literary arts festivals in the country, and this year it delivered with Daniel Clowes (eeee!!!!), Jim Woodring (eeee!!!!), James Sturn (eeee!!!!) and the Igor Kenk graphic novel not to mention a whole shit tonne of other amazing and talented local artists like Jeff Garcia, Koyama Press, Michael DeForge, Jesjit Gill and Free Drawings, Ryan Dodgson, Selena Wong, Wowee Zonk and so, so, so much more.

Today I feel as if I have a "social hangover." It was packed with so much good stuff and wonderful friends, it was overwhelming. Not to mention, I got an East Coast injection when I ran into Halifax pals, Colleen MacIsaac of Little Foible and Laura Kenins!

Lindsay at the Broken Pencil table

Some goodies I picked up

TCAF made me realize how much I love small presses and independent publishing. There's something really lovely about limited runs of books and prints of zines. It's more about producing art than business.

Oh, yeah, and the other thing that made my weekend rule? I ended up winning a good chunk of change at Bingo. Yep, Bingo. Sara's birthday party + Delta bingo = me supporting TCAF artists and getting lots of goodies to boot! Yeah!

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