Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Phew. It's been a while. Between visits from my parents and going on a mini road trip to Cape Breton, a deadline looming and now moving, I've had little time to think of anything else other than stress and worry.

Over the weekend, I went with my friend Denis and Gina to the Cabot Trail. The weather was crappy for the first couple days but it cleared up the last day and we got to canoodle on a couple beaches. I can now happily say I've dipped my toes in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We also hiked the Skyline Trail, saw a moose, two coyotes and a baby black bear. The great thing about road trips is the bonding, and Denis is a hilarious person. He says the most outrageous things, and Gina and I got to know him much more than we cared to. There was a ridiculous comment about foreskin, but I won't bother to repeat what was said.

I also visited a WWOOF (World-wide opportunities on organic farms) farmer and his family in Cape Breton. I'm currently working on an article about WWOOFing, and it's interesting to meet people who do this sort of thing, both as volunteers and as hosts. The idea is you pay a small fee and sign up either to work on an organic farm or to have volunteers come and work on your farm in exchange for food and board. I've heard about mixed experiences but on the whole it seems like the people who do it, love it.

In other news, I'm moving this week, and because I don't have a car, it's been super stressful. There's so much to organize and for some reason or another, I've accumulated a crapload of, well, crap. I have lots of books and crafts and crafting materials I can't seem to part with. You'd think that after moving around so much, I'd be used to not accumulating so much stuff!

Finally, I found this awesome project Shawn Feeney is doing. It's called the BFF Project.
He takes photos of people who are best friends and draws a portrait of what they would look like if they were one person. It's pretty impressive, and the end result is he is going to amalgamate all 164 portraits into one!

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