Monday, May 5, 2008

Well, I've buckled.

I've gone and gotten a blog. I had one before, but I didn't update it nearly enough. So what makes me think that this one will be any different?

Maybe it won't and the blog will be left to wither and die like the old one. 

But I'm hoping the fear from finishing j-school and having some time to actually write will encourage me to try to keep the blog updated. That and the scary potential that I may begin a $12,000/year freelancing career. Apparently that's what I have to look forward to as a new freelancer. That, and a lot of anxiety. Joy.

Moving along, my motivation has been nil since school finished. I'm waiting to hear back about the one job I applied for. I almost feel like because the interview went well-ish and I want the job, I won't get it. That's the law of my life. If I'm confident and want it, I probably won't get it. At least I'll find out soon enough and life can move along again.

And what's with having to pay close to $100 to renew my passport? Is it just me or is that crazy? I can't believe the passport office charged me an extra $10 to PICK UP my own damn passport. There's no hope in hell of saving any money post-graduating, now is there? 

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