Monday, May 19, 2008


Yum...with all the obsessing I've been doing about bentos lately, I finally had a chance to give making them a try when my friends had a Japanese-themed potluck.
The top ones are just normal sushi rice, the ones in the middle are wasabi flavoured and the green ones are with peas.
This is a colourful tofu and carrot salad with a sesame dressing. The sushi rice separates it from the flower tomatoes I cut up. Now that I've learned how to do it, everything that needs cutting up looks like a flower.
Those vein-y, eyeball things are marbled tea eggs.
And this is what it looks like all assembled together in my make-shift bento box.

Finally, this was the marvelous table of goodies. So much food. Tempura, sushi, kimchee, and it was all vegetarian!

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