Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

So Max told me the tone of my blog was too sad. I thought the first couple were rather pissy, but okay. I get it. It's too negative and depressing maybe. Maybe. 

But what about this extravagant $28 bag of candy Andrew bought tonight? Surely that says hyped up joy and jubilance, right? Gloriously stuffed with sour keys, sour watermelon slices, strawberries, mandarin orange slices, gummy worms, Coke bottles, gummy bears, and sour grapefruit slices, how can it go wrong, you say? Oh, but it can. And it did with its sugary "goodness". It brought upon us expensive cavities and persistent tummy ache. Ow. At least my inner child was satisfied. I guess I never learned to say 'when' when it came to candy.

Pre-gorging on les bonbons, I went to a temp agency earlier today. I've used one before, but I always hate the process you have to go to when you sign up with one. Much like the doctor's office, you sit in a waiting room full of People magazines, uncomfortably eyeing everyone else there, wondering about what is ailing their professional futures. The worst is watching some happy-go-lucky go-getter whistle and bounce out of the temp agency, satisfied and eagerly on their way to their next assignment, all while you're scowling and smoothing out your own crinkled dress pants and ill-fitted blouse trying desperately not to feel self-conscious. 

Then there's the skills testing. The outcome usually determines the mood for the rest of the day. "Oh, I got 44% on the advanced Office program exam? My future as a super temp has no hope. I might as well have that cheeseburger and milkshake to drown my sorrows while filling out the application form for pouring coffee." 

In other delightful news, I may have found an apartment for next month. The place is literally down the street from where I am now, so location is awesome. Rent is a bit more expensive, but whatever. I'm going to be a working gal soon enough. Um, yeah... Regardless of this important factor called work, I hope things will work out because then I won't have to move far, and I'll get to live in a place called Prince Matthew's Palace. There's even a fancy mosaic on the floor of the letters PMP. Maybe when I move out, I'll etch the letter 'I' somewhere in there.

Oh, such felicity.

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hey comrade,

is there still winter in Halifax? ;)