Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Holy, I'm swamped. And somewhat fucked. The place I was going to sublet for June 1st has already been subletted. The landlord didn't tell me until I called them today to follow up on my application. So now it's back to apartment hunting. I've quickly learned that it's my second most hated activity. After job hunting, of course. 

My parental units are in town. We had a nice dinner but not after being reminded of why I enjoy not living in the same city as them. They're in town for graduation, which I can't say I'm looking forward to. Lots of sitting around uncomfortably in robes with real fur trims, listening to "inspirational" speeches, when in reality, I know I'm screwed. 

On the bright side of grad, my brother got me an iPod nano. I'm sooo stoked as I haven't had a portable music player in years. Not even a sad CD player for this gal. I've finally joined the technological ranks of a normal person. I mean I own a Mac, shouldn't I also have an iPod and a cellphone that's smaller than a brick? I'm one step closer...

In some other non-grad related news, I've been obsessed with Japanese bento boxes lately. Lunch has always been my favourite meal. Probably because it straddles between breakfast, which I never find is savoury enough, and dinner, which is usually reserved for leftovers. Plus, midday is when your body needs the most energy, and hence, lunch is the prime pig out meal. 

There's something super wicked about lunches that are packed with care and creativity. I love looking at something that is visually appealing especially when I'm about to devour it and know that it'll be swimming around in my tummy. 

There's an abundance of pictures of the delicious packed lunches on Flickr. Just to name a few:

Great, now I'm hungry. 

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