Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dan Squared

So, instead of working on something I'm supposed to be writing, I'm blogging about why I like this logo so much. Let me clarify: it has nothing to do with the delicious brownie that sat on top of the napkin.

Rather, I noticed what a fine logo it was and started to think about why I liked it so much.

For one, homeboy's riding a penny farthing. That's pretty hot, if you ask me, and the lines behind his back and basket lead me to believe he's speeding along like no one's biz. Off to deliver those delicious, delicious baguettes and present, no doubt. And you can bet your butt, they're probably fresh out of the oven. I'm surprised there are no lines coming from the baguettes. Although if there were, they'd probably risk being mistaken for stink lines. I digress...

Two, he's freaking delivering baguettes on a penny farthing. If homeboy hits a bump, you can rest assured, he'll be catching each and every one of those tasty ass baguettes because that's how Daniel et Daniel rolls.

Three, homeboy's got a newsboy cap on. Not only does Daniel et Daniel serve delicious foods and create fun events, their delivery people are apparently straight out of The Great Gatsby.

And finally, the font of Daniel et Daniel is sick. The squiggly lines around "et" lead me to believe that their events are droll, and Daniel and Daniel may enjoy a game of hop scotch when they're not baking bread or rolling around on their penny farthings looking smart.

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