Friday, January 8, 2010

Words of wisdom

I was reading Ellen Lupton's "Thinking With Type" book. And even though it's a book mainly aimed at designers and typographers, she included some free advice at the back of the book that translates well to the writer as well as life in general. Some of my favourites include:

Say more, write less.

Spend more, buy less. (Cheap stuff is usually cheap because of how it's made, what it's made of and who made it. Buy better quality good, less often.)

May your thoughts be deep and your wounds be shallow.

Make the shoe fit, not the foot.

It is easier to talk than to listen.

Build the discourse. (She's talking about design being social and living in society, but this can cross over to writers and any kind of creative community such as artists, musicians, magicians, spoken word performers, etc. Essentially, join/build a community of like-minded folks who are committed to the same thing you are and to share that with the world whenever possible.)

Go forth and reproduce. (You can take this any which way you want. Be it sexy times or reproduce creativity...)

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